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Hi!  My name is Morgan.  I am the owner and creator of Monroe Belts.  Here is a little back story on how MB got started...

I have always had an interest/passion for fashion, and along with that came a love for fashion bloggers.  Most of my clothing I purchase online is because of recommendations by the bloggers I follow.  One thing I kept seeing on a lot of bloggers is the famous “GG” belt.  I loved the way it looked styled with a graphic tee, with a tucked in blouse, shorts, etc., but I knew I could NEVER spend $350-$450 on a belt.  So, I did what most do, I bought a knock-off.  It looked decent from far away, but I was so disappointed in the quality.  

I started to brainstorm to figure out how I could make something that looked and felt like the real thing, but was more affordable.  My family company that I operate was already working with leather, so I knew we had the equipment and knowledge, but I needed a buckle design. *LIGHTBULB* Why wear someone else’s initials, if you could just wear your own…And that’s how MB was born, (in a nutshell).

We officially launched our website, and started shipping belts in April 2019.  After the first 6 months of shipping Letter Belts, we knew we wanted to add more designs. We officially launched The Print Collection in December 2019.  We hope to continue creating new designs as the business grows!